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At KIN & KiDS, we provide comprehensive psychological testing & assessment services for children and adults. Our psychologists are proficiently trained to administer assessment and interpret the results. A psychological testing or assessment is designed to measure a person’s attribute and behavior to better understand the nature of problems, arrive at clearer diagnosis, and come out with appropriate recommendations to address the needs.

We utilize a team-based approach in conducting psychological testing & assessments.  Each assessment will be carried out by one of our clinical psychologists, and personally supervised by our director, Charis Wong from the selection of testing material till the preparation of the report.

It is our aim to make the assessment process a positive and worthwhile experience for our client. Many people have questions about what to expect when undergoing a psychological testing or assessment. Generally, you may anticipate the following processes:


Clinical Interview and Screening

The first meeting aims to gather background information of client’s concerns and relevant family, medical, and educational histories. Sometimes, screening tests will be administered. At the end of the session (75- 100 minutes), our psychologist will inform you about whether further assessment is needed and the recommended test battery. If client is agreeable to the tests and quotations, assessment sessions will be scheduled.


Psychological Testing & Assessment

Assessment may include clinical observations, administration of valid and reliable psychometric instruments, and collateral information gathering like telephone interview and school observations. The assessment often takes several hours, sometimes spread out to more than a day. The results will be interpreted carefully in view of the person’s context and culture. Our psychologist will base the diagnosis on criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Individuals’ strengths and weaknesses will then be taken into consideration when making recommendations for improved living.


Areas of Testing

  • Cognitive assessment
    • To evaluate cognitive strengths and areas of challenge
  • Achievement test
    • To assess academic ability and skills
  • Diagnostic testing
    • To clarify diagnosis such as ADHD, autism, personality disorders, emotional and behavioural disorders, cognitive disability, learning disorders
  • Adaptive Behavioral assessment
    • To evaluate adaptive living skills like communication, social skills, and daily living skills
  • Personality assessments
    • To assess for psycho-pathological syndromes and provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and screening for psychopathology
  • Career interest and ability assessments
    • To measure behavioral preferences of individuals and fitness to various careers
  • Pre-marital and marriage assessment
    • To identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of premarital or married relationship
  • Custody and Visitation evaluation
    • To provide an independent forensic evaluation to assist the court to decide on issues regarding custody and visitation in divorce disputes
  • Psychological screening for oocyte/spermatozoon donor and couple recipient
    • To determine appropriateness for treatment and to prepare for treatment
  • Pre-employment testing
    • Job-specific assessments for testing candidates early in the interview process
  • Testing for Gifted 

Written Report and Feedback Session

The psychologist will then produce a comprehensive and client–friendly written report according to the purpose of request. As part of our commitment to provide you with our best professional services, all psychological testing & assessment reports are carefully reviewed and approved by another psychologist in the team before being finalized.

A feedback session is offered to discuss the findings and tailored recommendations. Client may then ask any questions to clarify on the results of the psychological testing & assessment. The psychological testing & assessment may be followed by interventions with the same psychologist or referral to more suitable professionals. Most clients will then be ready to move forward with hope with clearer understanding on their concerns.

Evaluation of Previous Psychological Psychological Testing & Assessment, Reports, or Diagnosis

Where there is uncertainty about a diagnosis or treatment suggested to you, we also provide a review of previous psychological report and provide a second opinion on the current diagnosis.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Psychologist Team at KIN & KIDS:

  • Charis Wong
  • Lee Sook Huey
  • Tina Tey
  • Clinical Psychologist
    Chan Hui Sian