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Tan Shin Ying
Clinical Assistant/ Office Manager

My passion to explore psychology started with a curiosity to better understand people with different personalities. I have always been fascinated in exploring how our relationships with others shape us to be own unique individual.

I obtained my degree from HELP University. Throughout my studies, I have come to understand the significance of mental health and to witness a growing need for this field. I am always mindful of applying the knowledge and skills that I have learnt in my daily life to provide a positive influence for others. Being part of Kin and Kids helps me to gain a wholesome understanding on how mental health services can assist people to walk through challenging times.

As the clinical assistant/ office manager of KIN & KiDS, I may be the first point of contact you reach out to us. Through a brief 10 minutes conversation, I will aim to gather some information in regards to your current situation, so that I would be in a better position to match you up with the most suitable therapist. In Kid and Kids, I work closely with the Director and our team of professional therapists to prioritize your best interest and comfort.

Seeking for help requires courage and determination. I am glad that you believe in yourself of having the power to discover your potential and allow yourself to live a fruitful life. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your concerns and I will endeavour to attend to them.

I speak English, Mandarin and basic Malay


First Class Honour, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), HELP University


Therapists in Our Team

  • Patrick Cheng
    Licensed and Registered Counselor (Malaysia); Life Coach; Addictions Counselor
  • Ti Lian Chui
    Counsellor-In-Training/Intern Therapist
  • Karen Lim
    Licensed and Registered Counselor (Malaysia)