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Soh Yoke Wah

Licensed and Registered Counselor (Malaysia)

A poor view of self. A broken relationship. An explosive anger. A chronic depression. A sense of insecurity. Behind all these psychological and emotional brokenness, there is always a story to tell. Even though these stories may differ, there is usually a common theme behind: the search for self-worth, the yearning of love and acceptance, the search for a deeper sense of security, and the longing to be independent and to find more fulfillment in life. Just like any plant, we need these ingredients to grow healthily and to eventually bear abundant fruits in life. We can either get these needs met from our family of origin or we might be deprived and endeavour to source them somewhere else, constructively or destructively.

I know the effect of deprivation because I experienced it myself, knowing how hurting and painful it is to a person. But as I continued to seek help in professional counseling in dealing with these hurts and pains, I finally see light and hope at the end of the tunnel. As such, I am personally convinced that the best part of counseling is to enable people to become more constructive and positive toward their psychological and emotional state and to witness changes along the journey to become better, happier, and more fulfilled individuals.

I have a Master degree in Counselling from HELP University. I also have a Bachelor of Commerce from La Trobe University, Australia. My clinical experiences include working with women struggling with individual, marital and family issues at the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), guiding college students with personal, relational, family and career-related issues at Career Sense and Center For Psychological And Counselling Services (CPCS) at HELP University. I also work with individuals on issues relating to marriage and family at my local church. Besides giving counselling to individuals, I have conducted talks to adults in churches on basic counselling skills, emotion management, dealing with stress, burn-out and etc.

I used to run a Mandarin language center in Subang Jaya where I teach Mandarin as a second language to both children and adults, before I decided to go full time in counselling in 2019. Prior to running my own center, I worked as an Auditor and Marketing Executive for five years. I left the corporate world to pursue my interest in working with children. I pursued a Diploma in Montessori and worked as a Pre-school Teacher in a local Montessori-oriented kindergarten and a facilitator at Gymboree for another five years. My work with children has given me valuable experiences and insights into the world of children and the educational, social, emotional and behavioural challenges that both children and parents face in today’s modern society.

My theoretical approach in counselling is based mainly on Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy which focuses in helping individuals in raising self-esteem, becoming better choice makers, being responsible for all their feelings, perceptions, expectations, yearnings as well as behaviours and eventually aiming to be more congruent in life. Every therapy session will begin with initial contact and rapport building, followed by assessment and/ or explorations of issues, goal setting, anchoring transformation process, reviewing the session and assigning therapeutic homework activities for practicing and integrating the changes. Each session is aim to be experiential, systemic, positively directional and changed focused.

Personally, I also believe that emotions play an important and functional role in maintaining the overall psychological well-being of every individuals. As such, I have continued to obtain further graduate-level accredited training in Emotion-Focused Therapy for individuals as well as Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy in order to work better with clients in assessing, processing and making better sense of their emotional experiences.

I am a Licensed and Registered Counsellor with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. As a practicing counsellor, I adhere to the Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association and Malaysian Board of Counsellors to ensure that you receive care in line with professional standards.

I speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.


Master in Counseling (HELP University, Malaysia)
Bachelor of Commerce (La Trobe University, Australia)
Diploma in Montessori


Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (2012)
Graduate Certificate of Family Therapy (2016)
Emotion-Focused Therapy Module 1 & 2 (2016, 2018)
Core Skills Advance Training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (2019, 2020)
Introduction to Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (2020)



Click here to read Yoke Wah’s personal statement in Mandarin.

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