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Do you find yourself in a constant struggle with your kids?

How do you feel about relatives & friends who give you different kinds of parenting advice?

Are your conversations with your children becoming less?

Do you find that sometimes your words turned out to be more hostile than you’d like them to be, despite your concern for your children?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, things don’t seem to work out?

You may want to consider speaking with a trained professional who feels your struggle, understands your unspoken pain, and at the same time be non-judgmental while enlightening your own patterns of parenting.

As you might know, each child is unique in his/her perspective of things. There is certainly no “one size fits all” solution to parenting, it is natural to stumble a few times before you can get into the swing of things. Parent coaching is to help you explore many ways to interacting with your children.

How would you possibly benefit?

  • Pick up on positive approaches to parenting with evidence-based strategies
  • Focus on understanding your child/ren’s needs and tweak your parenting accordingly
  • Establish stronger bonds and nurture respectful relationships with your children
  • Receive guidance to identify potential triggers and navigate parenting issues
  • Find emotional support and a safe space

Parenting coaches at KIN & KiDS provide parents an open and accepting space to discuss about your parenthood challenges. Your coach will help you gain insight and clarity on your struggles and goals, and facilitate change in parenting practices.

Parenting coaches are here to assist you in creating an ideal home environment that nurtures both you and your children to make your parenting journey more rewarding and enjoyable!