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Getting a diagnosis of infertility hurts. It may cause sudden acute psychological pain and grief, and this pain an grief may be overwhelming at times.

A fertility counselor can help the couple feel less alone in their journey. Fertility counseling offers a safe environment for couples who are experiencing infertility to explore uncomfortable and distressing feelings and thoughts that may be difficult to talk about with others. Our counselors have worked with couples who are trying to conceive including those who have gone through many rounds of IVF and those are considering donated egg/sperms.

What happens in Fertility Counseling?

A fertility counselor can help with the following:

  • Understand your reactions and way of coping, as well as make sense of your thoughts and feelings
  • Explore options to make informed decisions about treatment options (e.g., egg/sperm donors, adoptions, etc.)
  • Provide a safe space for you to grieve the losses and disappointment that infertility typically involves
  • Improving communication with your partner and drawing strength from your relationship
  • Deal with pressures of fertility problems and work through expectations with extended family
  • Enhance coping strategies to manage and reduce stress, anxiety or depression that typically accompanies infertility

It may be helpful to talk to somebody who is not personally involved, but who understands the treatment process and the range of emotions that you may be experiencing.

More than 50% of our clientele at KIN & KiDS are couples.
All our marriage counselors are mental health practitioners who have received
at least 108 hours of post-masters training in Couple/ Relationship Therapy or Discernment Therapy.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding fertility counseling.