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Co-parenting is not an easy job. Divorce not only cost one’s belongings and possessions, it also takes a great toll on one’s mental health. The spouses are not the only ones who are greatly affected, but also your children. They may feel guilty as parents move away from each other, resulting in feelings of abandonment and loss. While we understand that not all divorces are acrimonious, it may not necessarily be the case in the eyes of children.

Unless in extreme circumstances involving abuse or neglect, children of divorce generally adjust better, and have a higher chance of thriving when their parents work together. KIN & KiDS welcome parents who seek to achieve amicable co-parenting arrangements or simply a cooperative but separate parenting approach. We aim to help you make post-divorce adjustments as easy as possible through appropriate arrangements in different aspects of parenting.

Why would you consider co-parenting?

  • Build a long-term support system for your children
  • Allow your children to enjoy healthy routine relationships with each parent
  • Help reduce the harmful effects of divorce on children as much as possible
  • Help your children develop strength and endurance
  • Gain resources and skills to navigate around hostility and work towards a common goal
  • Resolve potential parenting issues

When things go south, making the commitment to begin co-parenting takes courage and dedication. It is understandably hard to work hand-in-hand with someone whom you were once so close to.

However, if both parents are committed and willing to cooperate, it is indeed possible to still build a conducive environment for your children to grow up healthily and happily.

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