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Ti Lian Chui 

Every life is precious. We go through different seasons in life and we do not need to go through it alone. As a former youth worker of 16 years in a Christian organization, I have had the privilege to walk alongside many university and college students throughout their degree studies. Every young person has a unique story to tell as they learn to navigate their life journey. I firmly believe that each of us can gain great awareness of self and to discover the many hidden potentials when we are empowered and given the courage to live life to the fullest for the journey ahead.

As a mother of two boys aged 12 and 7 years old, I have realized that the quest to make sense of motherhood and parenthood is never-ending. I believe that strong bonds in family relationships are crucial in any family structure, especially between children and their parents. Our families influence how we perceive ourselves, as well as the way we relate to important people in our lives. When we search deeper into the relationships with family members, we will soon uncover different clues, secrets, and surprises that connect the dots. This is because we are constantly trying to discover and learn more about our true self and to make sense of who we are, as we continue to grow as we go through different stages of our life.

As a working mother back then, I will always remember my therapist, who provided the right ‘words’ for me when I could not utter any words to express what I went through. I appreciated the space given to be myself and not come under any judgment. I realize that day, genuinely listening with the heart is so essential in supporting a person who is going through a difficult time. As your therapist, I hope to provide you with my availability & presence, a safe space to share, a listening ear, and a genuine heart. Having a therapist who is not part of your daily life and has no other motives other than being a professional partner can ease the walk through a difficult period of your life and build resilience.

I am now fulfilling my dream that has been put on hold for the last 20 years to complete my Master in Counselling. As a therapist-in-training, I lean towards Choice Theory where one has the choice and potential to decide to change things for the better. I also see the relevance of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in achieving short terms goals and reaching the needs of the world today. Counselling is a lifelong learning process and still is a time of self-discovery and self-growth for me.

In short, I am a mother, wife, and graduate student learning to grow a counsellor’s heart. I speak fluent English, Bahasa Malaysia, as well as conversational Chinese & Cantonese. I look forward to working with you!

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Education & Professional Licenses

Masters in Counseling, Open University Malaysia