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Kristy Yong

Internationally Licensed Counsellor with Australian Counselling Association (ACA) 

I grew up in a strict traditional Chinese family, where any expression of negative emotions was regarded as a sign of weakness. The focus on achievement and academic achievement is another strong component in my family culture. As a child, I struggled with poor self-esteem and insecurity right till my adolescent years. 

My desire to understand human behaviour led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Upper Iowa University. Learning psychology was a huge stepping stone in my life, as I became more self-aware about myself, and started to build on my own confidence and sense of self-worth from within myself.

As an adult, I believe that all of us have our individual story, be it positive or bad, which shapes our life experiences, values and goals in life. Our cultural background and family of origin are a significant part of our life story. I also believe that each of us have the ability to write our life stories regardless of the challenges faced in life. This is why I enjoy listening to the real-life stories of my clients in therapy and journeying with them as they narrate their life.

I have a Master of Counselling from Monash University Clayton in Melbourne. In Melbourne, I completed my internship and was subsequently employed by my clinical supervisor, who is a forensic psychologist to supported former prisoners on parole. I provided individual and group counselling sessions at Sunshine Office, West Melbourne. During my time in Australia, I also provided counselling services to refugees, children, and adults.

In 2016, I decided to return to Malaysia to serve my local community. Since then, I have provided counselling for older children and adults on a wide range of mental health issues, which include anxiety, depression, suicide, personality disorder, anger and stress management, and family conflict and Obsession Compulsive Disorder. I am also trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and use this approach in my work with couples.

I am very passionate to see the betterment of the mental health and emotional wellbeing among Malaysians, especially when mental health is still very much considered a “taboo” topic in Malaysia. This is why I regularly organize wellbeing talks and workshops for parents and adolescents.  Recently, I organized a public event, The Voices Festival, officiate by YB Teresa Kok and Mr. Harith Iskander, aimed to help the community to de-stigmatize, understand and empathize with mental health disorders.

As a Level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association, I adhere to the ethical code of conduct and abide by the association’s requirements for continuing education and clinical supervision. 

I am fluent in English and basic Mandarin.

Education and Professional Licenses/Accreditation

Internationally Licensed Counsellor with Australian Counselling Association (ACA) (Membership No: Level 2, 3489)
Masters in Counselling, Monash University Clayton, Australia
Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Communication, Upper Iowa University, USA

Other Qualifications/Training

Training in Early Autism Program
Training in Applied Behavioural Analysis
Certificate in Ballet Teaching Study
Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy (Externship, Core Skills 1)


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