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Kristy Khoo

Licensed and Registered Counsellor (Malaysia)

The journey of life may present itself with mountains that impede us from moving. Inadequacy, despair, and fear are some of the emotions that overwhelm and render us stuck. Life begins to seem bleak. We feel alone, exhausted, and helpless. As a therapist, I will be there to create a safe space, be your listening ear, and journey alongside while you take steps forward into a stronger you.

My decision to pursue counselling was motivated by my interest and desire to understand and empower others. Past struggles made me realise how strenuous and overwhelming life could be at times. These experiences set me on a course to becoming a counsellor and allowed me to better relate and empathise with those who are going through their own set of challenges.

I have a Bachelor of Psychology from Sunway University and a Masters of Professional Counselling from Monash University. My counselling work focuses on teens and young adults with personal, family, academic, and professional related concerns. My previous clinical experience from my Masters program included counselling teens at a school. I have been, and am still working closely with youths in my church. In addition, I have conducted workshops for youths in different settings, not to mention worked as a relief and subject teacher for primary and secondary school students. My experiences with teenagers and young adults have given me valuable insight into their world.

My sessions are mainly guided by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which focuses on the importance of understanding layers behind an individual’s thoughts to develop a more positive outlook on our world. I also adopt the Choice Theory, which centrals around the concept that we all have a choice and that life is inevitably made up of our choices and relationships. As a therapist, I will also guide you along the potentially intimidating but ultimately fulfilling path of therapy, and make best endeavour to ensure you are comfortable and empowered to affirm the positive aspects of your life.

I am a Licensed and Registered Counsellor with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. I adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Malaysian Board of Counsellors and the Code of Ethics of the American Counselling Association to ensure that you receive professional care.

I am able to conduct therapy in both English and simple Malay.


Master of Professional Counselling, Monash University, Malaysia.
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychology, Sunway University, Malaysia – Second Upper Class


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