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Charis: Back in Texas when I was a new post-Masters Licensed Counselor intern and Licensed Marriage and Family intern working towards my full licensure requirements, my clinical supervision was a significant factor in my growth as a new clinician.

I believe that supervision is a crucial part of the therapist’s training and development, especially during those first few years post-graduation.  Even a therapist with years of experience may encounter a client situation that really needs some extensive consultation and the willingness to keep learning.  I continue to receive supervision regularly from senior therapists as part of my personal and professional development and to ensure that I can offer my best service to my clients.

I offer individual and group supervision for psychologists, counsellors and graduate students who are currently completing their internship hours.  I am trained to work with therapists seeing couples, adults, teens, and children.

My supervisees include international therapists/intern therapists who are working towards their clinical membership with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Inc. (PACFA) as well as BACP (British Association of Counselling for Psychotherapy).

Supervision is offered face-to-face and on-line through skype video conferencing.

Contact me for more information and details of my supervision groups.