Karen Lim

Licensed and Registered Counsellor

Even in our day-to-day functioning, we struggle to just be who we are; being lovable and adequate. We are constantly coping with just being ourselves. With the added pressure of broken/loss of relationships, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, stress, trauma, distress and other emotional problems, resolving such issues can be a daily struggle.  Life may become grey, almost as if we fade into the background, watching life slip by, as if it doesn’t matter anymore. Do we then have the capacity to bring colour back into our lives by choosing to live differently?

Whatever challenging situation you may be facing, I invite you to take the step to get to the root of your issues, explore your options, and decide on how you want to live your life differently, and live it!

Prior to my venture into the helping profession, I spent the last 10 years in the consulting profession; firstly in the IT industry, and subsequently, in Human Resource and Leadership Development.  While I enjoyed executive coaching, I also felt that this was often not enough to help the people whom I worked with to achieve the change that they desire.  I became interested in seeking further training to work with people at a deeper level.  I therefore left the corporate workforce to pursue my second Masters degree, this time in counselling.

My journey into motherhood has also further enabled me to better understand the vulnerability of a growing child, the importance of guidance, support and affection for the growing years, to establish a sense of physical and emotional security – a safe base for a healthy growth. I realize even more how growing up is an ongoing challenge, particularly when we are constantly exposed to external pressures to conform, to live up to expectations, and unexpected life-changing events. However, I am also aware that parenting can become a struggle in this life changing role or when there are unexpected life-changing events.

My work includes providing parent coaching/support to parents to address parenting challenges, related to their child’s behavioural challenges at home and/or in school, and their individual emotional well-being in their parenting journey. I also work with individuals who are struggling with loss or challenges in their relationships, poor self-esteem, childhood neglect, abuse or bully, depression, stress and anxiety.

In my sessions, my interventions are guided by the theories of Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy. So, even if you feel cornered in life, with little or no sense of hope to live differently, let the choice begin with – will you allow yourself to remain as a victim of circumstances or decide that it is time for a change? I will journey with you collaboratively as your professional partner to help you find new meaning and hope in your life.

As a Licensed and Registered Counsellor, I also adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Malaysian Board of Counsellors to ensure that I provide you with the best care possible.

I speak English and basic Malay and Chinese.


Masters in Counseling, HELP University
M.Sc. in Management Science and Operational Research (Warwick Business School, UK)
Bachelor in Actuarial Science (City University, UK).

Other qualifications/training

Qualified Practitioner for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®