Fees may differ depending on clinician, so please contact us to request for the fees of the therapist that you are interested to work with.   All clinicians at KIN & KiDS operate on a staggered-discount fee structure aimed at encouraging clients to stay with the therapy process in order to reach their intended goals.   Prices are discounted as sessions progress. The staggered-discount fee structure is only applicable for clients who continually present for therapy with no more than thirty (30) calendar-days gap between sessions. After thirty (30) calendar-days gap, the session fee will revert to the first (1) session’s rate.

All fees or administrative charges are paid after each appointment.  Even if you are eligible for coverage under an insurance plan, we require you to pay for counseling before your appointment and then seek reimbursement from your insurance company.  The only exception are for clients under an Employee Assisted Program that has KIN & KiDS as a mental provider on their panel.

Unfortunately, at present, we do not have credit card facilities for payment.