Esther Liew

Clinical Assistant/ Office Manager

I joined KIN & KiDS with a desire to learn about how mental health services are offered in a private practice setting in Malaysia. I have since discovered that what the therapists are doing here comes very close to what I have always envisioned myself doing in the future – utilizing one’s skills to support and journey with someone as he (or she) works towards a positive change in life. It has certainly been an inspiring and eye-opening journey working alongside dedicated mental health professionals while learning about the therapeutic process of enhancing mental health.

I work with a team of mental health professionals who are ethical, professional, and always prioritizing the best interest of our clients. This gives me deep insight into the standards required in this field as well as the valuable skills necessary in the practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

I graduated from HELP University with an Honours degree in Psychology, and I am planning to further my studies in psychology as well in the future. Currently, I hold a dual role as the clinical assistant/office manager of KIN & KiDS.

Therefore, I might be the first point of contact you encounter when you either call in, or walk into the office. I will conduct an initial consult with you for about 10 minutes to obtain a better understanding of your situation as well as to collect relevant clinical information that will be useful for therapy.

Many people are unfamiliar about therapy, therefore it is not uncommon to question about how it works. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have and I will make best endeavor to address them. Upon hearing your concerns and identifying your needs, I will consult the Director to recommend you a therapist in our team who would make a good fit for you.

Taking the first step to make that call suggests that you are looking for positive changes in your current life situation. It also requires courage to seek professional help. I will therefore do my best to ensure that you receive needed information and to connect you to a therapist in our team who would make a good fit for you.

I speak English, Mandarin, Malay, and Cantonese.

Education & Professional Licenses

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology (HELP University, Malaysia)