Discount Options and Financial Assistance

We understand that therapy and psychological services can be expensive in Malaysia and are typically not covered under Malaysian health insurance policies, nor are they tax-deductible.

We maintain a limited amount of places for lower fee clients which are reserved for clients in the full-time ministry (e.g. church pastoral staff, missionaries, and etc.) and clients with a refugee status.  Clients who are interested must complete an application form with supporting documents to be considered for these places.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer financial assistance to other clients who do not qualify.  However, there are several ways to lower your therapy costs:

  • Employee Assisted Program (EAP) – Many larger and international companies are now covering mental health services under their employee assisted program.  If you are an employee of an company that has an employee assisted program, check with your HR to see if your therapy sessions at KIN & KiDS will be paid by your company.  We require a guarantee letter by your company that they will settle our fees before the session that you are attending under the EAP program.
  • Kin & Kids Intern therapistsOur carefully selected graduate interns are either recent graduates of a masters in counseling program who are in the process of obtaining their license as a Registered and Licensed Counselor in Malaysia, or high-performing students in their master program with a genuine passion for being in the helping profession.  All intern therapists work under the close supervision of Charis, which means that you get two people working on your case.  There are no professional fees to see an intern therapist but a standard administrative fee.
  • Life therapy – KIN & KiDS frequently organizes continuing education workshops which are conducted by internationally recognized and respected clinicians/professors.  If you are willing to participate as a volunteer client in a one- time life therapy session during one of our Kin &Kids continuing education workshop.  The session will be videotaped and viewed life by the participants of the workshop (approximately 12 – 20 participants).  The videotaped is used strictly for KIN & KiDS education purposes and will not be distributed, sold or presented outside of the workshop without your prior written consent.  All participants are mental health professionals/students who sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose your identity.  Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about this option.
  • Seek assistance from your family – While some of our clients have informed us that their families may be skeptical about the idea of seeking therapy, many families have been supportive about their efforts to work through their issues and improve their lives.  Talk to your family about your decision to seek therapy and see if they can help with your counseling fees. Many of our clients have found that their motivation to achieve their therapy goals have been enhanced by their family support.